Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

I can't believe I lived in Miami for four years and never went to Vizcaya. It was the one regret I had from my time in South Florida, so I knew we had to spend some time there on our recent trip back. I'm SO glad we did. Y'all, this place is magical (and also possibly haunted...). I felt like we stepped back in time to a centuries-old European villa. The house was actually built in the 1910s as a businessman's winter home. In the years after he died, his estate donated the property to MIami-Dade County, on the condition that it be kept as a public museum. The house itself is full of amazing artifacts that James Deering (the original owner) collected in his travels. Example: statues that probably survived the Pompeii volcano eruption. Crazy. My favorite parts were definitely the awesome view of the bay and the beautiful gardens. See for yourself!

Erin Pelletier