My Sporty Underthings Obsession

It's so interesting how you learn what makes you feel confident as sexy as you get older, isn't it? When I was a teenager and in my early twenties, I never thought I could be sexy. I never felt comfortable in sexy lingerie, and I just didn't feel comfortable embracing thinking of myself in that way. I had a serious collection of "sexy" bras that I never wore because they were uncomfortable or just plain impractical under clothing. As I've gotten older, I've realized that what is traditionally seen as sexy doesn't necessarily have to be what makes me feel sexy and confident. 

After much experimentation, I discovered that I have to be comfortable to even think about feeling sexy or confident in my own skin. I tend to go for more sporty pieces that are maybe even a little bit masculine because they are what feel the most comfortable for me. I've been living in the Calvin Klein bralettes and boyshorts lately. There's something about those damn Calvin Klein sets that is just so sexy, though, right?! Of course, knowing that you're wearing a matching set has a power that all women are familiar with. But the fact that they're not traditionally sexy...they're not in your face trying to be sexy. They're just trying to be comfortable. But in doing so, they have a sex appeal that is cool.

After I started wearing the Calvin Klein sets, I discovered that aerie was launching their tomgirl line of similar items. I LOVE aerie as a brand because they stand for being real, being confident, and owning what makes you different. Plus, their boyshorts have been my everyday favorites for, like, six years. The tomgirl bralette that I chose from aerie is even better than the Calvin ones in some ways, because it has a little bit of feminine details. It's not a racerback, so it is appropriate for a broader range of tops and dresses where you don't want the straps to show. The material is so soft, and the fit is great, even for us girls with larger chests (you know my braletter struggle!). 

It's super interesting that sporty underwear is what makes me feel the best, mostly because I hate sports and am super bad at every sport known to man. But I have always been kind of a tomboy and usually feel more comfortable in casual, androgynous clothes a lot of the time. Of course, I still keep some Hanky Panky and Natori things in my drawer for those days when I want to feel a little more feminine and pretty. I like to keep the really special pretty underthings on hangers in my closet so I remember to wear them more often :)

How do you feel about the "tomgirl" underwear trend?

Erin Pelletier