Old Navy Jumpsuit: A Fashion First

I totally NEVER thought I would wear a jumpsuit. They were always something I thought looked cool on other people, but seemed to present a lot of potential issues for me. For one, so many of them have such strange necklines--how could you wear ANY bra? The other main issue was that they seemed too dressy, like another option for a fancy event. AKA nothing that I ever need in my life. When I saw this linen one from Old Navy, my feelings changed. A soft, casual fabric, a high neckline, in flattering black, and in a length that's suitable for summer and fall? Sign me up. My exact jumpsuit is sold out online, but this one is super similar!

Although the neckline does require you to wear a strapless bra if you don't want it to show, it's so pretty that it doesn't bother me. I love the crochet detailing on the chest, and the pretty straps across the back. The linen material makes it cool enough for the summer, but I know that I could throw a denim jacket on and it would be perfect through September (and maybe October in DC!). My favorite denim jacket is this one from Abercrombie! It's really soft and flexible, which makes it really comfortable and suitable for a wide range of temperatures. 

Old Navy has some seriously good finds if you keep an eye out. Everything is super affordable. However, the quality can be hit or miss sometimes. I have dresses from there that I've been wearing for two or three years, but any tees I've ever bought from there have practically disintegrated after one wash. So, I'd recommend going for some of the blended fabrics or just going in the store yourself to feel the fabrics before purchasing. I love to shop at Old Navy when I want to try a new trend or try something that's a new, more adventurous style for me. I always get compliments on everything I own from there, and people are always surprised when I tell them where I bought it! Definitely a good secret to have in your wardrobe (don't keep it a secret, though--there's more than enough Old Navy to go around!). 

Erin Pelletier