Livin' the Dream in J. Crew's Horoscope Collection

When I saw J. Crew announce this collection in their Instagram story, I was like....I have to go to J. Crew NOW. I finally made it a few days later, and made a beeline for the horoscope tee display. Pisces. My boyfriend, sensing my panic (lol), asked one of the J. Crew employees about the Pisces version, and she checked in the back for me. When she came back with it and I saw the pretty blue color, the cool ringer details, and the soft velvet PISCES on the back, I knew I had to have it.

This is such a quality tee. Sometimes tees, especially from J. Crew, can be a little too sheer or just made of a fabric that looks awkward on me (it always seems to stretch weirdly around my boobs! I can't be the only one.) This one doesn't have any of those issues--it's soft, hangs beautifully, and looks just as cute with a denim jacket or a boyfriend cardigan thrown over top, so it'll be a wardrobe staple all year round for me.

In these photos, I'm wearing it with my gray denim x jeggings from American Eagle, which have quickly become my favorite pants of all time. The material has the perfect amount of stretch, and its so soft. I love that the super high waist kind of holds everything in, but it's not uncomfortable at all. Perfect. Plus, they make my butt look awesome. I also threw on my checkerboard vans--total high school throwback! I had the blue/brown check ones in high school because I was ~~extra cool~~. I love how comfortable these are, and I love that they add a cool edge to any outfit. 

Are you into things with your zodiac sign on them? Will you be hightailing it to J. Crew to find this tee in your sign?

Erin Pelletier