Flowing into Fall

When I saw this top on the Loft website, I knew I had to have it. I've been loving all the flowy tops and bell sleeves that have been on trend lately. I feel like they can really make an outfit fun and feminine without being too over the top. I tend to lean toward a more masculine/androgynous style a lot of the time, so it's fun to mix it up! My exact top is sold out online, but this one and this one have a similar vibe!

In these photos (which, by the way, I'm obsessed with. Shout out to Olivia Reed for the amazing photoshoot!), I'm wearing the flowy top with my skinniest jeans from American Eagle. These are the Denim X Jeggings, and I think they might be my favorite pants of all time. I love the soft grey color--not as relaxed as blue denim, but not as harsh as my typical black. The Denim X material is incredibly soft and stretchy, so these pants never sag or get stretched out! Plus, they're super comfortable. I pretty much only wear high-waisted pants these days. I just find that they feel so much more flattering and comfortable for me. 


To top it all off and make this pretty much my ultimate outfit, I'm wearing these Gucci-inspired mules from TARGET. Aren't they such a great dupe for the Gucci ones? I've been eyeing those for forever and I just cannot justify the price. Y'all, Target has definitely stepped up their style game in the last few years, especially in the shoe department. I've never gotten so many compliments on a pair of shoes. They look 10 times more expensive than they actually were, they're comfortable to walk in, and they are amazing quality! What's not to love? If you're loving the mule trend but struggling to keep them on your feet or avoid the dreaded foot sweat, you HAVE to try these little toe socks! They are invisible in your mules, but they have little grabby bits on the foot so they help you keep the shoe on your foot, and they prevent smelly, sweaty feet. Amazing!


How do you feel about the flowy, bell sleeve trend?

Erin Pelletier