Two Natural Deodorants to Try

I've been on a quest to find a natural deodorant that actually works for over a year now. In the gross humidity of a DC summer, it can be a serious issue. However, we all know the potential dangers of using aluminum-based deodorants. If there's something I can do relatively easily that has the potential to save my life or make me a lot healthier in the future, I like to do it (duh!). I tired a bunch that just didn't work for me--I smelled, I sweat, I had globs of weird deodorant all over my shirt....and then I discovered these two products!

The first is the Schmidt's Deodorant Stick in Bergamot and Lime. I really LOVE this one because it's in the stick form that we're all used to, which makes it super easy to use and kind of makes the transition to natural deodorants a little easier. I think this does an amazing job at preventing odor, and seems to do a pretty good job at keeping me dry. I definitely still sweat, but that doesn't really bother me as long as the odor doesn't happen. I've found this to be super gentle and easy to apply, and it doesn't really clump up or anything. It will, however, leave marks on clothes that are hard to get off. It comes off in the washing machine, so that's not a huge deal, but if you're awkward at getting dressed like I am, it's something to note. They also make a gentler version of their deodorant, which I've found works just as good as the original, so that's a great option if you have sensitive skin!


The second is the deodorant cream from Meow Meow Tweet. I like this one slightly less, just because it's not as easy to apply. You just have to scoop a pea-sized amount out of the tub and rub it into your armpit (such a sexy sentence) until it gets warm enough to melt into your skin. This does a great job at protecting you from bad smells, but for me, it doesn't do much to stop you from actually sweating (it's not really supposed to). This is a great option if you have struggled with irritation from deodorants, because it doesn't contain baking soda or any other harmful ingredients. Plus, the grapefruit scent is really nice!

Have you tried natural deodorants yet? Which one is your favorite?

Erin Pelletier