Easy Makeup with Glossier

As much as I love beauty (my boyfriend recently commented in Sephora that I'm "like an expert on everything in here" lol), I'm really not a huge user of makeup. Most days, I use brow gel, a swipe of blush, maybe some highlighter, and a lip balm. I almost never wear foundation, but when I do, I keep it natural and use the Bare Minerals original foundation. To be honest, I started this post off intending for it to be just my routine, no focused on any brand...and then I realized that all I've been wearing lately has been Glossier! Here's what I've been using:

Glossier Boy Brow in brown// I live for this stuff. I'm so grateful that thick, crazy brows are in now, and I've definitely taken it as an excuse to end my visits to the dreaded threading place. As my brows have grown out even more, I need a way to tame them that still looks natural and effortless. This brow gel adds a little bit of color and oomph in the spots where I need it, and helps keep all my brow hairs in place throughout the day. I love this because it never feels crusty, and it's super low maintenance. 


Glossier Cloud Paint in beam// This stuff is a dream come true. I was using Benefit's benetint for ages, and I was just getting really frustrated with how quickly the color seemed to fade. I love using cream/liquid products because I feel like they tend to look more natural, so when I saw that my beloved Glossier was coming out with this, I knew it would be good. I like the beam shade because it's a little more obvious the the lighter shade (puff) but it doesn't have the bronzy effect that the darker shades have on my skin tone. The color seems to last most of the day, and its super blendable and buildable.

Glossier Haloscope in Quartz// As we've established in this post, I strongly prefer my makeup to look super natural. I like this because it really mimics by natural glow, but just adds a little extra. It's definitely not a BAM highlighter, but that's what I like about it. It blends really beautifully and doesn't make me look sweaty. If you'r'e into more of an out-there highlighter, I think some of the other shades of this have that effect. 


Glossier Balm dot com in coconut// This has become my favorite lip balm of all time, which is really saying something because I think I've tried like 70 lip balms in my life. I love how smooth and hydrating it is, and I LOVE that it can used as a salve for cuticles or other dry areas, not just lips. The coconut scent is my favorite--it's really light and doesn't have a taste, but the scent is just enough to give me a tropical moment of zen. I also have the birthday cake version, which has glitter in it. I like that one too, but I save it for evening or for more of a special day. It smells AMAZING and the glitter is really fun.

Glossier Generation G in jam// As much as I love a bold lip on other girls, it never really feels like ME, you know? When I heard about this product and it's alleged muted, soft qualities, I was excited. I love that this lipstick is intended to look like you already blotted it and some of it already came of. It has this really great diffused quality about it that makes it pretty and subtle, even though jam is a bold shade of berry. Definitely a winner!

Have you tried Glossier's makeup? What are your favorite products to use in the summer?

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